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2V Series Battery



  • Q What is a valve regulated maintenance free lead-acid battery?

    A The basic characteristic of the maintenance-free lead-acid battery is free of maintenance , which is defined to be compared with the traditional flooded batteries, it needs regular maintenance and sulfuric acid storage battery, such as UPS battery, is without adding acid and water during its working, and batteries are sealed, there is no possiblility of acid leakage or acid mist, especially, there are one-way safety valves , when pressure of gas exceeds a exact value, the valve opens automatically and outgoing gas, and then shut down automatically, the safety valve is sealed in normal condition.
  • Q What kinds of valve regulate maintenance free lead-acid battery?

    A According to the technology, there are two kinds of lead acid batteries: general type (AGM) and GEL .AGM battery uses glass fiber cotton (Absorbed Glass MAT) as separator, and the lean liquid electrolyte (electrolyte is absorbed on plate and separator, and cannot flow in the battery)the GEL battery makes of silica as solidifier and electrolyte is adsorbed on the plate and colloid.
    Accordingly to using purpose, they also can be mainly divided into by usage: starting batteries, stationary battery and traction type, etc.
  • Q What is the rated capacity of the battery?

    A In the conditions of the stipulated design (such as temperature, discharge rate and final voltage, etc.), the rated capacity means the battery should be able to release the lowest capacity, the unit is ampere hour, expressed as a symbol of C. Capacity is strongly influenced by the discharge rate, so we often show the discharge rate by a Arabic numerals at the lower right corner of the letter "C", such as C20=50Ah, it means that under condition of 20 hour rate to discharge to the final voltage ,the capacity is 50 ampere hours. Informally, the rated capacity of 50 ampere hour of battery in full charge of state, the battery can be discharged for 50 hours with 1 A of current.
  • Q What is the Depth of discharge?

    A During battery using, the battery capacity is discharged a percentage of it rated capacity, we called depth of discharge, generally, DOD with 60%, which means the discharged capacity of battery reached 60%, and remained 40% of capacity. It’s a deep connection between depth of discharge and charging life, when deepen the DOD.
  • Q What are the requirements for battery storage?

    A It requires good ventilation facilities, dry conditions (preferably with air conditioning), to maintain the environment temperature at around 25 degrees Celsius; and the ground to bear ability is strong, after 3-6 months storage should be charged.(The place where the battery installated should be safe and stable, and the battery should be charged once every 3-6 months stocked.
  • Q Can you print my logo on the battery cover?

    A Yes, OEM is available,we can print your logo on the battery case, and you can offer your logo.


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