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2V Series Battery

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Quickly 2V Series Lead-acid Battery

The 2V series battery is made of individual cells each providing 2 Volt. By combining multiple 2v lead acid batteries, batteries of nearly every voltage and capacity can be made.
The 2v sealed batteries can create a system with all connections on the front so it enables easy checking of individual cell voltages and the torque of the connections. Multi-purpose 2V batteries are ideal for applications that require maximum service life and maintenance-free operation.


Capacity range:50Ah-3000Ah(25°C)

Voltage class:2V

Low self-discharge rate:≤2%/month(25°C)

Long design life: floating life is 15 years(25°C)

High sealed reaction efficiency:≥98%

Acclimation temperature range:-15~50°C

Operation temperature range:-20~50°C

Recommended operation temperature 25°C


Stable Quality & High Reliability

Long Service Life

Maintenance-Free Operation

Heavy Duty Grids

Low Self-Discharge

Application area:

Control systems/Electric toys/Emergency lamp/Power tools/Alarm systems/Emergency light systems/Standby power supply/UPS/Power supply/Telecommunication system,/Firefighting equipment standby power supply/Railway system/Power station.



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