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12V 100ah Top Selling in China Solar UPS VRLA Deep Cycle Agm Gel Battery for solar wind system

Nominal voltage: 12V
Rated capacity (20-hour rate):100Ah
Sealed type: sealed
Maintenance type: free
Container material: ABS
Dimensions: (L*W*H*TH)mm: 406x174x208x233
  • 12V100AH
  • 85072000

Solar Battery UPS Battery VRLA Battery Deep Cycle Battery 12V 100ah

Solar battery
Solar battery'Size: 407*172*208*238mm
Solar battery'Color: Balck, white, gray
Solar battery'Use Life: 5-7years
Solar battery'Guarantee period: 3years
Solar battery'Time of delivery: 1-2weeks

-We possess our own lead grid production technology and production line, which effective help you with quality and cost control.
-As a 14 years history factory
-As a UL, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 company, we believe that our battery quality can definitely satisfy you.
-We would like stand with you in same line to open market with long term business.

Solar battery features:
- Maintenance free
- High power to weight ratio
- No memory effect
- Low self discharge
- CE certificate
- Long service life
- High discharge rate
- Wide operating temperature range

Solar Battery Applications:
-Solar system and Wind system
-Emergency lighting equipment
-Fire alarm and security systems
-Telecommunication equipment
-Electric equipment and telemeter equipment
-Light equipment
-Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine
-Toys and consumer electronics
-Portable power tools measuring and medical equipment Portable video camera portable personal computer
-Garden lighting.

Nominal Voltage12 V
Rated Capacity (10 hour rate)100AH
Dimensions (Length*Width*Height*Total Height )/mm407*172*208*238mm
Internal ResistanceFully charged battery at 25° C8 m Ω
Capacity affected by temperature (20 hour rate)40° C 25° C 0° C -15° C102% 100% 85% 65%
Self-Discharge At 25° CCapacity after 3 month storage Capacity after 6 month storage Capacity after 12 month storage91% 82% 64%
Terminal TypeT9 or T16
Charge (Constant Voltage)Cycle useInitial Charging Current less than 30A Voltage 14.60~15.00V 
Float useVoltage 13.60~13.80V


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